Start your decarbonisation journey with SmartSense Discovery.

SmartSense Discovery™, our entry-level product, provides the foundation for your Net Zero Carbon strategy and supports your compliance reporting needs.

Empower your organisation to take control of energy and carbon data, avoiding reliance on suppliers, brokers or consultants.

Boost your team’s efficiency by reducing time spent on collating data. Make more time for analysis and identifying savings opportunities.

Understand how your portfolio performs, including trends and benchmarks, and monitor energy expenditure to detect anomalies.

By establishing your current emissions status, SmartSense Discovery™ enables you to reduce your carbon footprint and make progress towards achieving your Net Zero Carbon goals.​

SmartSense Discovery™

Our entry-level product is ideal for organisations that want to understand their energy consumption, emissions and expenditure.

View your carbon footprint and intensity
View your energy consumption and intensity
View your energy cost and intensity
Track energy consumption against benchmarks of your choice
On screen out-of-trend alert to avoid energy wastage
Switch between portfolio and site level view
Compare energy performance across sites using normalised data
Near real-time data
Compare energy trends against operating hours
Dashboard and Email Alerts
Monthly Energy Analysis Reports

SmartSense Insights™

Our flagship product is ideal for organisations that want to drive a continuous improvement cycle to reach Net Zero Carbon.

Create a digital twin of the equipment and systems in your facilities that generate CO₂e emissions
Gain detailed insights into your energy usage
Identify areas of energy inefficiency and opportunities for cost reduction
Accelerate decision-making with real-time insights and alerts powered by machine learning algorithms
Receive AI-driven recommendations for asset degradation, downtime, and energy efficiency issues
Replace a traditional maintenance schedule with a predictive maintenance plan
Track and make progress on your emissions targets
Receive intelligence on energy performance issues with causes and corrective recommendations
Configurable ESG compliant reporting

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