SmartSense Discovery™ – Ecolibrium’s Innovative Solution for Decarbonising the UK’s Built Environment

Learn how SmartSense Discovery™ simplifies energy management complexities, offering a streamlined approach to monitor and optimize carbon footprint across diverse portfolios.

As the global decarbonisation agenda gains momentum, the need to track, reduce, and report on carbon emissions is becoming increasingly urgent. In line with the UK’s commitment to sustainability, the government has set a bold target for all non-domestic buildings to achieve Net Zero Carbon status by 2050. This ambitious goal underscores the importance of adopting innovative solutions to address carbon footprints and drive meaningful change in the built environment.

With commercial buildings accounting for 18% of the UK’s total carbon emissions1, the environmental impact of the industry cannot be ignored. The numbers speak for themselves. Hotels alone generated a massive 25 million tonnes of emissions in 2017, while the retail sector added another 24.5 million tonnes in 2019.

These figures highlight an urgent need for effective strategies and solutions to reduce carbon emissions in the commercial and industrial sectors.

However, for many organisations, the task of identifying and managing their carbon footprint presents significant challenges. This complexity is amplified for those dealing with extensive portfolios and multiple energy providers.

In response to this pressing matter and to help decarbonise the UK’s built environment, we have launched our innovative SmartSense Discovery™ tool. This cutting-edge solution leverages advanced machine learning to streamline the process of carbon footprint management in the commercial and industrial sectors. By consolidating data from diverse sources and providing efficient visualisation and reduction solutions, it enables organisations to gain actionable insights and take effective steps towards their sustainability goals.

Exclusive to the UK, SmartSense Discovery™ is the first step we offer in an organisation’s net zero journey. Along with valuable insights, it serves as a crucial resource for mandatory reporting, ensuring compliance with regulations like the UK’s Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) framework2.

In as little as 48 hours of signing up, the platform centralises data from the entire infrastructure into a single user-friendly dashboard with a real-time overview of energy use, cost, intensity, and carbon footprint. This allows organisations to monitor their energy consumption and quickly identify any irregularities.

But that’s not all. For a more in-depth analysis of energy efficiency and operational performance, we offer an upgraded version called SmartSense Insights™. This comprehensive tool collects and combines thousands of IoT data points, creating a digital twin of the user’s operational infrastructure. Machine learning then compares performance against industry standards and generates a practical roadmap to achieve sustainability targets.

Embracing technology to digitally accelerate the journey towards decarbonisation is vital for achieving sustainable prosperity—a harmonious balance between people, the planet, and profit.

With SmartSense Discovery™, we equip organisations with the necessary tools to effectively navigate the complexities of carbon footprint management. By harnessing the power of advanced machine learning, businesses can ensure compliance with tightening regulations, accelerate their decarbonisation efforts, and actively contribute to global sustainability goals.

A greener future is within reach, and the choice is clear: digitalise or fossilise.


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2Editorial Staff 20219. SECR explained: Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting framework for UK businesses. [online] Carbon Trust.

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