Making the Invisible, Visible

Making the Invisible, Visible

Your Entire Portfolio,
In A Single View.

SmartSense, our AI/ML powered decarbonisation platform, converts your data into actionable insights and creates a unified dashboard for your entire portfolio.

Reduce Energy

Improve Equipment Uptime

Optimise PUE

Reduce Maintenance Cost

Improved Decision-making

Track CO2e Emissions

Optimise CUE

Track Zero-Carbon Glide Path

Optimise WUE

Waste Tracking/ Management

Improved Work Environment

Human Wellness Index

Automated Compliance Reporting

Capex/ Open Planning

…and much more.

An AI-powered insights and recommendations platform, overlay for your existing systems

Data Acquisition
Existing Sensory Network
Energy Management System
Equipment controllers
Data Lake
Other 3rd Party Systems
Actionable Insights
Facility Dashboard
Portfolio Dashboard
Equipment Dashboard
Automated Reporting
Alerts & Recommendations
CAFM Connectors

Wield the combined strength of 100+ proprietary Algorithms, covering 95% of industrial assets, operating through 2,500+ specially designed rules.

100+ AI algorithms for 80+ Assets, with 2,500+ rules

Get Contextual, Deep, Real-Time, Non-Linear Analytics for Your Entire Network of Assets, using Octopus Intelligence.

Octopus Intelligence
Unified equipment and system analysis reveals hidden correlations among various equipment.
Benchmarking and trend analysis detects deviations and early signs of degradation.
Real-time user-defined or algorithm-generated notifications for various conditions, events or issues in the infrastructure.
Actionable conclusions or predictions are derived from trends and patterns by analysing vast amounts of disparate data.
Pinpointed suggestions aimed at guiding better decision-making to enhance productivity and optimise outcomes.

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