Decoding Building Operations with KPI Establishment and BMS Transformation

Read how Ecolibrium’s SmartSense AI optimized operations in a premium corporate tower, reducing chiller plant energy consumption by 10% and enhancing sustainability metrics.

Impact Summary

• Delivered a 10% reduction in the chiller plant’s annual energy consumption, paving the way for an equivalent potential Scope 2 emissions decrease.


India’s largest publicly listed real estate company, managing extensive properties, had limited insights into its traditional Building Management Systems (BMS). Seeking a clear understanding of building operations’ KPIs, global benchmarks, and best practices, they partnered with Ecolibrium. This case study explores how we established KPIs, streamlined BMS functions, and enhanced energy efficiency supported by data-driven decision-making. Powered by our AI-driven decarbonisation platform, SmartSense, it further highlights our commitment to carbon reduction.


The client wanted an IoT solution to upgrade building management in a premium corporate tower. Despite the building’s relative newness and partial occupancy, operational costs were soaring. Ecolibrium provided a single-pane view of building operations and helped decode gathered data to enhance energy efficiency and sustainability. Simultaneously, the goal was to maintain a balance in operational costs without causing any service disruption to the building tenants.

After a thorough workshop and property survey, our engineering experts identified key focus areas: optimising critical equipment for maximum uptime, tracking carbon footprint, and digitising operations, aiming to establish building KPIs.


In May 2022, we integrated our AI platform with 1800 sensor points, monitoring 91 equipment. Our solution provided a transparent view of building KPIs like energy performance index (EPI), Scope 1 and 2 emissions, demand management, etc. Through workshops, our team facilitated an understanding of the data, empowering the client to establish baselines for the EPI, equipment function and more.

Targeted equipment KPI tracking, such as the efficiency parameter for transformers and the chiller plant, optimised operations and ensured uninterrupted uptime. Insights revealed the chiller’s continuous operational pattern during non-peak hours, impacting its compressor health. Our AI/ML algorithms conducted in-depth analysis and provided actionable intelligence, like chiller staging, improving overall plant operations. This resulted in a 10% reduction in the chiller plant’s annual energy consumption and significant cost savings.

To eliminate manual interventions, we completely automated the data collection for building operations. SmartSense’s real-time energy data and condition-based monitoring (CBM) identified operational inefficiencies. The IoT system generated instant alerts on deviations from set thresholds by proactively tracking anomalies in energy demand, total harmonic distortion (THD), and Scope 1 and 2 emissions. Driving continuous improvement, we redefined and strategically established the entire control logic using our proprietary AI/ML algorithms, providing smooth equipment operations and sustained efficiency.


SmartSense helped transform the real estate giant’s operations, achieving a 10% annual energy reduction in the chiller plant and an equivalent decrease in emissions. Recognising its potential, the client extended our AI platform to three additional buildings, showcasing Ecolibrium’s commitment to tailored solutions. We redefine your BMS without complete retrofitting, using our technology to streamline operations at no additional BMS costs. Ready to enhance your building’s efficiency and sustainability? Reach out to our team for a personalised demo and consultation.

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