Fostering Workforce Optimisation with Precise Data-Driven Expertise

Read how Ecolibrium’s SmartSense enabled workforce optimization across 11 offices in India, integrating with 621 energy meters and enhancing maintenance efficiency.

Impact Summary

• Delivered a 42% reduction in the engineering workforce from digitisation and optimised human resource allocation.

• Attained a 21% operational cost savings through workforce optimisation.

• Enabled a threefold increase in the project’s gross margin for the facility management company.


A trusted global innovator of IT and business services across 50+ countries, partnered with Ecolibrium through its facility management company for innovative solutions in predictive analytics and energy accounting. Explore the impact of Ecolibrium’s AI-powered decarbonisation platform, SmartSense, on workforce optimisation and its versatile applicability for asset-level insights.


The client aimed to enhance workforce efficiency and digitise engineering services for building maintenance. To initiate this, they engaged Ecolibrium for a collaborative project spanning 11 offices in India. Thus, we began with a focused objective of workforce optimisation.


Beginning the digitisation process, we seamlessly integrated our solution with 621 energy meters in the client’s distribution network. Monitoring critical equipment, including 5 chillers with cooling towers and pumps, 10 transformers, and UPS units across the 11 sites, the platform provided actionable insights for asset maintenance and temperature monitoring. Recognising an opportunity for workforce optimisation, our engineering and product teams, in collaboration, introduced a digital logbook solution, automating data capture aligned with their audit requirement, thus eliminating manual errors. This strategic efficiency shift reduced human dependency and generated accurate reports every two hours, amplifying workforce productivity and data-driven decision-making.

SmartSense provided insights into low temperatures in critical server rooms and UPS equipment health, such as low power factor (PF). Predictive analytics empowered the client to deploy expert personnel on a need basis solely and prioritise activities from real-time alerts, freeing skilled labour for tasks requiring human intelligence. This transition to on-demand maintenance reduced person hours and maintenance costs while improving equipment uptime significantly. Through this project, we showcased our solution’s adaptability, as it uncovered critical factors beyond a single equipment type. It identified transformer inefficiency by assessing various equipment performances, initiating a cycle of continuous improvement and engagement with the client.


Within a year, we proposed a 42% reduction in the engineering workforce, enabling a threefold increase in the project’s gross margin for the facility management company. We also saved 21% in operational costs and attained 94.6% of breakdowns within the SLA agreement. The centralised dashboard, automation, and real-time tracking boosted operational agility, providing data-driven insights for swift issue resolution. Our tailored approach to human resource allocation, guided by SmartSense alerts, showcased the platform’s role as a transformative catalyst. The client utilised our IoT solution to best suit their needs, solidifying its role in delivering workforce and cost efficiencies. Embark on a journey to redefine workforce productivity—contact us to schedule a personalised demo and consultation today.

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