Refrigeration Energy Efficiency Redefines Brewing for India’s Largest Beer Company

Explore how Ecolibrium’s SmartSense flagged energy consumption deviations and optimized refrigeration operations, paving the way for sustainability and cost savings in brewery operations.

Impact Summary

• Identified a 20% energy efficiency potential in the refrigeration system’s chillers.

• Boosted cooling efficiency by 41.8%, optimising refrigeration operations through data-driven decisions.

• Revealed a potential 18% carbon reduction through enhanced chiller energy efficiency.


In 2023, India’s largest beer company, a valued partner of Ecolibrium, initiated an energy efficiency drive at their Goa facility. Leveraging SmartSense, our AI-powered decarbonisation platform, we tailored sustainable solutions for the brewery’s refrigeration system. This deployment resulted in optimised energy use, enhanced decision-making from data-driven insights, and substantial emissions reduction, showcasing our dedication to a balance between people, the planet and profit for sustainable prosperity.


Efficient chillers are integral to brewery operations, serving as highly effective cooling systems with minimal energy use. Using a cooling tower with water or fans, they ensure beverage coolness with the least energy consumption, promoting cost savings and sustainability. The client team faced challenges monitoring the chiller efficiency parameter (ikW/TR) due to data gathering limitations at the Goa brewery. Hence, our objective was to track the ikW/TR precisely. Moreover, with 30-40% of a brewery’s energy consumption attributed to the refrigeration system, the client aimed for swift optimisation and precision in sustainability goals, aligning with their net-zero objectives.


To begin with, our engineers meticulously surveyed the brewery, paving the way for Ecolibrium to lead refrigeration analytics at the Goa facility. SmartSense efficiently tracked ikW/TR, evaluating refrigeration efficiency and sub-assets, including compressors, plate heat exchangers (PHEs), evaporative condensers, desuperheaters (DSH), ammonia, and glycol parameters. The platform established an ikW/TR baseline, identifying the influencing factors causing anomalies and analysing critical parameters.

Proprietary AI/ML algorithms uncovered inefficiencies – deviations in ikW/TR, fluctuations in outlet temperature, and high evaporator approach in heat exchangers causing unplanned downtime and increased energy consumption, signalling optimisation areas. The system also noted an abnormally 20% higher energy consumption in the monthly data and observed a 41.8% decrease in the glycol average PHE outlet temperature after cleaning, enhancing cooling efficiency. These were promptly flagged to the client, giving them a transparent single-pane view of the refrigeration system operations. It extended its oversight beyond refrigeration to encompass the brewery’s electrical network and identified sensor requirements while addressing data gaps.

SmartSense also revealed challenges in the chiller outlet temperature control logic, causing inconsistent output and hindering temperature setpoint. This insight underscored our contribution to refining overall system performance, thus driving a cycle of continuous process improvements. Other actionable insights, such as a 19.74% chiller inefficiency from the high load surpassing the rated chiller capacity, promised enhanced energy efficiency. This resulted in a substantial 18% carbon reduction, aligning with the client’s net-zero and environmental goals.


Prompted by SmartSense’s success in identifying chiller optimisation for brewing processes, its application is now extending to 11 additional sites. With numerous energy-saving opportunities and substantial cost savings in a year, we demonstrated the transformative impact of technology on efficiency and sustainability for India’s largest beer company. Addressing chiller inefficiencies, optimising refrigeration operations, and reducing carbon emissions, our efforts positioned the client as a model of sustainable brewing. The adaptability and transparency of our solution, combined with the expertise of our teams, have made us a key driver in their environmental responsibility.

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