SmartSense Delivers Substantial Energy Savings for Leading Global Financial Institution

Discover how AI-driven insights by SmartSense led to substantial operational cost reductions and improved energy efficiency.

Impact Summary

•   Achieved 33% of the client’s annual energy savings target within the first 60 days.

•   Achieved an 18.4% annual reduction in billed energy at a 200,000 sq. ft. facility.

•   Forecasting $180,000 in energy savings annually across three sites.


Explore our approach to enhancing energy efficiency for a leading financial institution at two facilities in Hong Kong and one in Mumbai. Through the implementation of our AI-powered decarbonisation platform, SmartSense, we introduced targeted energy optimisation strategies, achieving notable reductions in operational costs. This case study highlights the impact of SmartSense in advancing our client’s energy efficiency and cost-saving objectives.


Earlier this year, a leading financial institution with operations in 62 countries sought our expertise to reduce annual energy costs by $150,000 across selected facilities in Hong Kong and Mumbai. Our engineers conducted a comprehensive workshop at these facilities, which allowed us to determine the project’s scope and identify potential energy-saving measures.

With the deployment of SmartSense, we directly addressed the client’s energy efficiency challenges. By automating energy consumption tracking, benchmarking load distribution, and delivering performance analytics for equipment health monitoring, SmartSense ensured that we not only met but also exceeded the client’s operational and financial objectives.


By June 2023, SmartSense was operational across the three facilities, integrating 1,380 data points. We focused on monitoring 69 of the 200 pieces of equipment due to their operational significance. Data was collected from building and energy management systems, HVAC units, and digital power meters. SmartSense then analysed this data, pinpointing inefficiencies. Using its AI and ML capabilities, the platform provided actionable insights to address the specific challenges of each facility.

At the first facility in Hong Kong, SmartSense highlighted key areas of concern. The platform detected unusually high energy consumption during non-operational hours, raising immediate red flags. Additionally, inefficiencies within the chiller plant system were identified, prompting the BMS team to refine the staging of chillers and optimise processes outside of working hours, which resulted in significant cost savings, enhanced energy efficiency, and a notable reduction in carbon emissions.

In the second Hong Kong facility, SmartSense uncovered an alarming 30% of energy consumption that was previously unaccounted for. It also detected increased energy usage during low-occupancy periods and irregularities in the electrical network, signalling potential energy losses and equipment malfunctions. Armed with these insights, the team implemented energy optimisation protocols and conducted comprehensive equipment inspections to ensure optimal system performance.

The Mumbai facility, sprawling across a vast 200,000-square-foot area, presented its own set of challenges. SmartSense pinpointed underloaded UPS units affecting efficiency and battery lifespan. In response, the facility adjusted the UPS network, leading to significant improvements in efficiency and battery life extension. To maintain this level of efficiency, SmartSense now actively monitors essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), sending alerts to maintenance teams for any deviations.


Through SmartSense, we have showcased the transformative capabilities of AI-powered energy optimisation. By successfully reducing operational costs and enhancing energy efficiency for a leading financial institution, we’ve highlighted the tangible benefits of integrating our advanced technology into operational practices.

Our commitment is to lead organisations toward a more sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective future. If you are interested in discovering how SmartSense can redefine your organisation’s energy strategy, reach out to our team today to schedule a personalised demo and consultation.

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