Tube Manufacturing Titan Secures up to 11% Annual SEC Reduction, Propelling Energy Efficiency to New Heights

Discover how Ecolibrium’s SmartSense identified inefficiencies in auxiliary equipment and recommended solutions like Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), resulting in a 7.14% annual energy savings within the production areas.

Impact Summary

• Delivered up to 11% SEC reduction for large process equipment.

• Achieved an average 2.5% reduction in carbon emissions.


In 2021, Ecolibrium partnered with one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Cold-Drawn Welded (CDW) precision tubes for energy management at their Chennai plant. Building on its success, this case study delves into our intensified efforts utilising SmartSense, our AI-powered decarbonisation platform, to optimise energy consumption by minimising idle time across the plant. Explore our cutting-edge technology and data science capabilities, driving energy efficiency and significant emissions reduction.


As the most preferred supplier of precision tubes to major automotive companies, our client, an industry leader, recognised and valued SmartSense’s abilities during the initial digital transformation. Impressed, they eagerly sought our expertise for their plant’s comprehensive energy optimisation and energy cost savings. To kickstart this, our engineer was present on-site as an extension of the facility team, fostering a collaborative approach to maximise energy efficiency.

Our focus in the plant’s production areas was on three key sections – precision tube strips, CDW tubes, and Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) tubes. This highlighted the strategic nuances of our intervention, aligning with Ecolibrium’s dedication to impactful energy savings in each specialised area of tube manufacturing within the facility.


In 2022, we initiated the project’s first phase, utilising the 260 integrated energy meters within SmartSense, targeting specific equipment. SmartSense established energy performance benchmarks, uncovering inefficiencies and laying the groundwork for continuous improvement.

SmartSense analytics revealed a 16% excess energy consumption in auxiliary equipment compared to central machinery, even during idle states. Implementing SmartSense’s actionable insights resulted in an 11.1% reduction in specific energy consumption (SEC). Our additional recommendations included installing a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for compressors, leading to 4% energy savings, and automating cooling tower pumps using VFDs. During the first phase, these initiatives collectively achieved an annual energy savings of 7.14% within the precision tubes manufacturing section.

Upon evaluating the CDW tubes section, SmartSense pinpointed idle time and increased energy use in supplementary machines, flagging an efficiency gap. Addressing this to eliminate idle running yielded an annual energy saving of 1.1%. In the ERW tubes section, precise analysis prompted using a VFD for streamlined energy usage, achieving a combined 3.02% annual energy consumption reduction. Each phase one initiative led to a 3.78% yearly energy saving across the entire plant, showcasing SmartSense’s ability to optimise energy and deliver significant cost benefits.

Effective SEC reduction in the first phase strengthened the client’s trust, paving the way for continued collaboration in 2023. The second phase extended energy-saving initiatives to other areas of the plant. SmartSense’s insightful machine availability report detected idle running, presenting an optimisation opportunity. Categorising the idle time reductions in stages resulted in a 1.39% yearly energy saving for the plant. Individual sections saved up to 2.25% in energy, highlighting the impactful synergy of AI and data-driven strategic optimisation. This success solidified the shared commitment to continuous improvement between Ecolibrium and the client.


SmartSense’s holistic approach efficiently managed the plant’s energy consumption, delivering an annual SEC reduction of up to 11% for large process equipment. This success led to an average 2.5% energy savings over two years. Beyond energy impact, our initiatives contributed to a corresponding 2.5% reduction in carbon emissions, aligning with the client’s sustainability objectives.

Implementing SmartSense catalysed a notable shift in workforce productivity, empowering the on-ground team with data-driven insights for increased efficiency. New SEC baselines for each product underscore our shared commitment to perpetual energy efficiency and sustainability.

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