SmartSense makes the invisible, visible.

Our digital platform SmartSense allows you to discover, improve, reach, and ultimately report on your organisation's ESG performance.


SmartSense for Workplaces and Workforces

Through the SmartSense Workplace dashboard organisations are able to monitor and provide optimal working conditions for their workforces.

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SmartSense Insights™


SmartSense for Decarbonisation and Compliance

Through the SmartSense Sustainability dashboard organisations can monitor their carbon footprint, energy consumption and energy waste.

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SmartSense Insights™
SmartSense Discovery™


SmartSense for Efficiency and Maintenance

Through the SmartSense Operational Excellence dashboard organisations can monitor the health & performance of their energy-consuming assets.

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SmartSense Insights™
People. Planet. Profit.

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The Carbon Footprint across your organisations entire portfolio



Your organisations energy use through real-time insights



Your organisations ESG targets and report on your compliance

Learn how SmartSense works


SmartSense acquires data from various sources. These can be from an existing sensor network, data lakes, BMS or third-party systems via API, MQTT, FTP or manual uploads.


SmartSense cleans, aggregates and contextualises the data it receives to create a digital twin of your building down to its assets.


SmartSense uses its proprietary AI/ML-based asset library to track the health and uptime of 60+ asset classes and provides energy optimisation and asset efficiency recommendations.


The SmartSense asset library covers 95% of assets in a building, 70% of assets in a factory, and 96% of assets in a data centre.


SmartSense monitors assets and environments, providing real-time alerts based on deviations detected by its algorithms or predefined scenarios set by the user.


SmartSense integrates with various facility management software to generate work orders through its recommendations. SmartSense also generates compliance, operational and management reports.

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